Amid the global pandemic surrounding COVID-19, the daily rules we must follow have been engrained in our minds. Everyone must wash their hands multiple times a day and for at least 20 seconds. And we must practice social distancing to help to reduce the number of severe cases that could overwhelm hospitals. But what hasn’t gained much attention and could be an essential tool in your health arsenal at this time – is how you can boost your immune system.

At LowTE Florida, we know that when hormone levels are optimized, a patient’s immune system will remain running normally. One of the benefits, when we optimize hormones, is that many critical functions of the body run correctly and smoothly. This affects everything from how well we sleep to how our bodies react to when sickness tries to enter our bodies. When hormones are optimized, it gives you a better chance to remain healthy.

1. Promote a Healthy Night’s Rest

During the process of optimizing hormones, one of the improvements patients see is better sleep at night. Studies have shown that getting proper rest helps strengthen the immune system.

2. Help Reduce Stress

With many people quarantined at home, depression can easily creep up during the coming weeks and months. Hormone optimization reduces anxiety and minimizes the effects of depression, which in turn improves immune function.

3. Supports a Healthy Thyroid

An integral part of the BioTE Method which LowTE Florida utilizes, is thyroid optimization. Multiple studies have shown that by optimizing active thyroid levels, improvement can be seen in lymphocytes and neutrophils, including our natural killer cells, which will help destroy virus particles you may contract.

4. Encourage a Healthy Immune Response

When a virus enters our body, our innate immunity, which includes physical, chemical, and cellular defenses, will fight those pathogens. It then is our adaptive immunity that must jump into action to protect us. T3 is a critical thyroid hormone that aids in the maturation of our adaptive immune cells. Once mature, the cells promote pro-inflammatory cytokines, including IL-6, IL-12, and TGFB1. This adaptive response favors the development of cytotoxic T cells, which further supports our immune system’s response to targeting and killing viruses.

So, what can we do to help protect ourselves from the Coronavirus? The answer is simple—continue to optimize your hormones, thyroid, and nutrition with the BioTe Method at LowTE Florida and encourage your friends and family to join in protecting themselves.

BONUS: Additional Support with Nutraceuticals

You can also help support your immune system by utilizing nutraceuticals. At LowTE Florida, we recommend several including BioTE® IODINE+, whose main ingredient is Zinc, known to reduce the severity of respiratory illness. LowTE® ADK 5 &10 includes vitamin D, which helps the body to support healthy immune response, hormone optimization, and healthy bone density. It also provides vitamin A, which is instrumental in boosting the production of white blood cells to help clear infections from the bloodstream. LowTE® PROBIOTIC can help improve a person’s health by upregulating their immune function. The patented capsule opens at the beginning of the small intestine, which prevents the stomach acids from killing all of the good microbiota. Lastly, LowTE DIM® (Diindolylmethane) is a potent stimulator of the immune system which aids in increasing cellular immune cells and boost immune responses to infection, including viral infections.