BioTE Medical Hormone Pellet System

LowTE Florida® utilizes the scientifically proven BioTE Medical hormone pellet system.

What makes us different? Our pellets are made from the highest quality plant-based materials and are compressed at hundreds of pounds of pressure – enabling them to deliver constant levels of hormone replacement for months at a time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This prevents the roller-coaster ride of the other modes of delivery (pills, shots, patches, gels, creams, etc.).

In addition, our patented dosing system is exact. Through precise testing and proper consultation, the most accurate dose is prescribed for each patient’s unique body chemistry. Your BioTE pellets are inserted by only well-trained certified experts who have years of hormone replacement therapy experience.

Our mission at LowTE Florida® is to enable men and women to live their best lives.

As the years pass, we all slowly lose our ability to produce our own hormones which limits our ability to live well. Our goal is to optimize your hormone balance so you can feel your best. Many times, a simple tweaking of your hormones can make all the difference in the world.

LowTE Florida® utilizes the scientifically proven BioTE Medical hormone pellet system.

Pellet therapy is not new; hormone pellets have been used with great success in the United States, Europe and Australia since 1939. More than 70 years of research has illustrated the benefits of pellet implants and administering hormones to both women and men. Our pellet therapy uses bio-identical, all-natural estrogen and testosterone, delivered by tiny pellets inserted just under the skin. Over the next several months, the pellets release the hormones and are eventually absorbed completely.

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What our patients experience:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Restored interest in life
  • Increased sexual drive and performance
  • Consistency in moods
  • Relief from anxiety and depression
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Decreased body fat
  • Greater capacity for getting the body in-shape.
"Carolyn: Nurse practitioner"

Meet Carolyn Zaumeyer, MSN, ARNP

Carolyn Zaumeyer, Nurse Practitioner, and her team work together to ensure your safest and most effective hormone restoration.

Carolyn Zaumeyer, NP, has been providing quality health care for more than 20 years. Her extensive training, body of knowledge, and experience makes LowTE Florida® expertly positioned to administer effective hormone restoration therapies.

 Experts in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Carolyn has traveled throughout the United States and has studied under the most prominent experts in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) – Dr. Sangeeta Pati in Orlando, Dr. Neil Rouzier in Salt Lake City, Dr. Daved Rosensweet in Naples, Florida and Dr. Gary Donovitz in Dallas.

She is knowledgeable of all the delivery methods of hormone replacement and is especially excited and satisfied with the BioTE pelleting system. Carolyn is a certified BioTE practitioner, she is on the BioTE Medical Advisory Board. Carolyn is also a BioTE pellet patient who is quite pleased with the consistent hormone delivery.

Carolyn Zaumeyer, NP personalizes each patient’s treatment using the:

  • Right Hormone (Bio-Identical Hormones),
  • Right Dosage (calculated for each patient) and the
  • Right Delivery System (pellet)
  • More information on the BioTE method 


LowTE Florida® is committed to providing quality, affordable hormone restoration in a clean and pleasant environment. Call today for pricing information 954-791-4498.

Preventative medicine, particularly bio-identical hormone replacement, is a unique practice and is considered a form of alternative medicine. Most insurance companies do not recognize it as a necessary medicine and therefore it is not covered by health insurance.

LowTE Florida® is not associated with any insurance companies, which means they are not obligated to pay for our services. We require payment at the time of service and, if you choose, we will provide a form to send to your insurance company and a receipt that you paid out-of-pocket. We will not, however, communicate in any way with insurance companies.

Additional Services

Other services available at LowTE Florida® include:

  • Weight loss programs
  • Laboratory testing
  • Physical exams
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease testing and treatment

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