For women, usually every 3-4 months, for men usually every 4-6 months.

They are pure hormone that is not metabolized into byproducts by going through the liver, stomach or skin. This delivery system allows your body to use the right amount of hormone from the pellet as the blood flow surrounding the pellets picks up what is needed.

Because the pellets are pure hormone – without fillers or synthetic ingredients – they completely dissolve. The pellets are inserted on your upper buttock under the skin.

All side effects are temporary and treatable and occur less than 2% of the time, when pelleted correctly.

Not with our program. The initial consultation is $150, labs are $195, insertion for women is $350, and for men, it can range from $650-750 depending on the dose needed.Change to: the initial consultation is complimentary, laboratory blood studies are $195, the procedure fee is $350 for women, $650-750 for men, depending on the dose needed.

Many things! Our Medical Director, Dr. Gary Donovitz has created a unique dosing instrument, so we can scientifically dose and create a plan specifically for you. Combining your medical history and lab values, we can determine your optimal dosage of hormones, thyroid, Vitamin D and more!

By simply completing our BHRT checklist (found in the new patient packet) you will identify areas of your life that may be impacted by low hormone levels. Using your current lab values along with your medical history, we are able to identify areas for correction and create a personalized plan for you.

It is different for everyone. Many people have called the day after pelleting to share that they had just had the best nights sleep that they have had in years! As time goes on you will start to notice different things ~ a little better mood, energy, sleep and more! Although everyone is different, typically you’ll begin to feel the benefits within 4-6 weeks after your first pellet.

Estrogen has over 400 functions in the body. Estrogen is the most important hormone for a woman. As we slow down our production, we can notice many estrogen deficiency symptoms: Hot flashes, skin changes, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, decreased libido and urinary issues. The studies are showing many health benefits of estrogen including decreased: risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease, colon cancer, macular degeneration, diabetes and arthritis.

Testosterone is not only a “feel good” hormone, but it also helps with your metabolism, immune function, decreases inflammation, increases muscle mass and bone density. Testosterone optimization can increase your sex drive, performance and satisfaction.

Possibly, everyone is different; however it is possible for women to notice a mild increase in facial hair.

Many times enlarged prostates reduce with testosterone pellet treatment. We carefully watch PSA levels and encourage regular visits with your urologist.

Possibly, but it would be minimal. This is not permanent.

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