FemiLift® to the Rescue!

FemiLift® to the Rescue!

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Let’s get you back to feeling your best!

Are you experiencing…

  • Urinary leakage when you laugh or sneeze (forget jogging or the trampoline)?
  • Vaginal dryness – which can make sexual relations painful?
  • Recurrent vaginal infections – yeast and/or bacterial?
  • Vaginal laxity? Vaginal births can cause the vaginal walls to stretch out and the may not return to their original firmness ~ making intercourse less enjoyable for both parties!

Thank goodness we have found a solution for all the above! I attained my certification to perform laser vaginal rejuvenation over three years ago. My patient testimonials are amazing! Unless you have suffered from mild urinary incontinence, it is hard to understand how debilitating it can be. To be able to laugh and not have to worry about your pants ~ is life changing for some! Intimacy is critical in relationships ~ why not have the best sex ever?

At LowTE Florida we use the FDA approved Femi-lift Co2 Laser for vaginal rejuvenation. Microablative fractional CO2 lasers are energy-based devices designed to help manage troublesome menopause symptoms such as painful sex, dryness, itching/burning, urinary frequency, and incontinence. The treatment plan includes three sessions – 4 weeks apart, then 1 session annually for maintenance.

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