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  • Tired of being overmedicated by drugs that reduce your quality of life?
  • Concerned about medical illnesses that you are at risk for as you age?
  • Ready to explore the life-saving benefits of bio-identical hormone optimization?
  • Reduce your use of antidepressants, diet pills, statins, pain medications and synthetic hormones.
  • Reverse the course of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, fibromyalgia, arthritis and high cholesterol.
  • Lower your risk for Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis and prostate cancer.Finally! The path to the balanced life women and men are searching for!

*ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Gary Donovitz is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who has compassionately cared for his patients for 30 years. He is a clinician, a pioneer and an international teacher of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. His passion for wellness and his company — BioTE® Medical — is changing health care for us all.

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