“She is GREAT! Got the pellet therapy and she even prayed w me after the insertions! Very gentle, professional, and thorough! Definitely recommend Carolyn Zaumeyer!! 

– Marcia Edwards

“Carolyn is amazing! I have been a patient of hers for more than 10 years. She also has a great staff!”


“Was feeling tired, depressed, not sleeping well, gaining weight even with exercise and watching my diet. Within three weeks of starting my plan with Carolyn, I began to notice positive changes in all the areas above. I feel great — and better each day. Carolyn is so easy to talk to and so knowledgeable and she really understood my needs. I highly recommend a consultation with her.”

Maria Perez

Everyone is kind, caring and most important- knowledgeable. Carolyn and her team found what my body needed to feel better. Can’t say enough good things about their clinic.

Shevaun Steward-Kuhn

As someone in healthcare I am a tough judge. The staff and the office are as superb as can be. They are adhering to COVID safety guidelines and the level of comfort I felt is truly appreciated. This is a great office and I highly recommend them! 

– Joan Glenn

I feel like I have my Life back! I’m 56 and have been experiencing severe menopausal symptoms (weight gain, low energy, low libido, brain fog, etc.) I went to see Carolyn for hormone balancing and it worked. I also released 16 lbs doing their HCG plan. I’m so grateful for this amazing place. The staff are so kind and I like the fact that I don’t have to wait that long to be seen for my appointment. I highly recommend LowTEFlorida to anyone interested in regaining their energy, releasing weight, increasing libido, and increasing restful sleep. Thank you SO much Carolyn. I am forever grateful (and so is my husband).

– Laurie Daigle

LowTE Florida has a knowledgeable, friendly staff. The service they provide is nothing short of exemplary. Carolyn is a talented physician who can and will address your specific healthcare needs. I highly recommend LowTE Florida, they are the number ONE rated Hormone Replacement Therapy establishment in Florida and for good reason!!!

– Natalie Cohen

After 6 week I have lose 20 pound with Pellet Therapy and Weight Loss Program. I feel an amazing energy and my mood changed since I receive the treatment.

I recommend LowTE Florida because they explained you all the details and they personalized the treatment.

– Diana Stavropoulos

Carolyn provides excellent care. Her team provides excellent service. This care and service includes personal visits, as well as follow up. I highly recommend this business. 

– Stan Schneider

This place is FANTASTIC! Carolyn, Rachael, Mickey, and all the staff could not make you feel more comfortable. The BioT arena is something every woman of “a certain age” should explore to feel vibrant, energetic and alive! They also offer aesthetic services. (One stop people!) I mean… Just go. You won’t regret it. I didn’t.

– Anna Collins

I LOVE this place and everyone who works there! So nice and friendly and most of all helpful. This has changed my life and I’ve never felt or looked better and I’m 49! Thank you Carolyn!!!

– Michelle Fazaeili

Carolyn and her staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve been going to LowTE Florida for many years and Carolyn always discusses the proper HRT doses and reviews any blood work I may have done. I highly recommend LowTE Florida.

– Jo Ann Lorber

This is by far the best run place I have ever been to. The staff are very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. What a difference from any other place in South Florida. Even little things like taking care of your annual bloodwork saving you a special trip to the lab is a plus! Carloyn and her staff are top notch. I wish all places were run this well. 

– James LaRuffa 

“Carolyn and her team are amazing. I have been seeing her for the last three years and have had wonderful results with her treatment and plan. I feel wonderful, youthful and happy. Besides this, her office staff are the best when it comes to client service and professionalism and her office is a nice place to visit. She is now offering aesthetic services and Rachael is an expert.. I would highly recommend LowTE!”

– Katherine Sternlieb

“Carolyn and her team are the best. I have gotten some amazing insights on my health and well-being from her. Would recommend!”

– Soraya Garner

“What a refreshing office. The only negative was the full parking lot, but once I found my way in, it was all positive. From the beautifully decorated space to the outstanding service, I could not be happier I moved to the east side of town and found this gem. They did not keep me waiting, and Carolyn is warm and competent. I have had pellets by various providers over the past 10 years, and the experience here is the best for me.”

– Joan Bar

“This is the best BioT office in South Florida. Beautiful office, great staff and Carolyn is one of the best in the BioT field. She was trained/studied by/with the best. I have been going here over 4 years and would truly recommend it to you all.”

– Jean Doe

“This place is amazing. Carolyn and her team did an amazing job of explaining everything that was going on with my body and suggesting the best course of treatment. They are very warm, attentive, and caring. I felt no pressure at all. I opted for the pellets and three months later, I couldn’t be happier with the results and with how I have regained my life and my health. When I first contacted them I was shocked, confused, and I felt very alone. My primary doctor wasn’t on board with hormone replacement therapy and he just expected me to live with low TE at a relatively young age. LowTE Florida was a blessing. I would give them 10 stars if I could.”

– Chris Carbonera

“This woman changed our lives! I cannot begin to explain the difference her blood work results and the pellet has made to both our lives! We recommend everyone we know to her office, and always will!”

– CL Haese Salon Channel

“Carolyn and her team are amazing and very knowledgeable. She truly cares about her patients and obtaining the best results. Highly recommend ed!!!”

– Kelli Beaudreau

“At Last ! If you have hormonal issues this is the place to go. They are excellent at balancing hormones and eliminating your symptoms, professional, and gentle. Thank you Ladies :)”

– kiwiolive

“Knowledgeable about hormones. I’ve received personalized, attentive care with some irregular issues that I’ve had. Highly recommend if you are looking into hormone replacement.”

– Terry Gannett

“I was having SO many menopausal symptoms….. hot flashes , lack of quality sleep, weight gain, etc…. Carolyn and her staff were SO nice and comforting…. as I was unsure of HRT. After almost 3 months on her program I am so much improved….. No hot flashes sleeping through the night, etc….. thank you!”

– Dawn Fish