Cardiovascular (heart) disease is the #1 global killer, claiming nearly 18 million lives each year, according to the World Health Organization.

But this form of chronic disease need not be so prevalent. As we’ll explore in depth here, most, arguably even the vast majority, of cardiovascular-related deaths are preventable with simple lifestyle, dietary, and supplementation practices. 

Individuals interested in anti-aging healthcare have an enormous degree of influence over their own heart health – taking charge is all about recognizing your own power to make a difference and then executing an optimal strategy. 

That’s where Nurse Practitioner Carolyn Zaumeyer comes in. She has helped countless patients in her Ft. Lauderdale clinic to improve their heart health, clean up their blood vessels, and keep the blood pumping smoothly. 

One of the many tools that Nurse Zaumeyer utilizes is the patented supplement Arterosil from LowTE Florida. For patients who are serious about enhancing their heart health, let’s explore what serious benefits Arterosil brings to the table. 

Why is protecting your heart health vitally important?

The heart — along with the arteries and veins that carry blood to and from the heart throughout the body – is the life force that nourishes all your cells, tissues, and organs with the nutrients and oxygen they need to thrive. 

Without proper blood flow, your mental and physical health inevitably suffers; your brain can’t process information to regulate body processes efficiently (potentially leading to vascular dementia down the line), your liver can’t effectively process the nutrients you intake from food, and so on.

Given these roles, it goes without saying that protecting your heart health is a critical part of any effective anti-aging strategy. 

The United States is one of the worst-off among economically advanced countries in terms of our chronic disease numbers, including heart disease. Let’s explore some of the most troubling statistics related to heart health, from the US Centers For Disease Control

  • One in every five Americans’ deaths occurs due to heart disease
  • Healthcare for heart disease patients costs a shocking $229 billion annually
  • Someone dies from heart disease in the US every 34 seconds
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death across all ethnic and gender categories

Source: US Centers For Disease Control

According to the American Heart Association, there’s no good reason why we should accept these tragic statistics as a given:

“An estimated 80% of cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke, are preventable. However, cardiovascular disease remains the No. 1 killer and the most expensive disease, costing nearly $1 billion a day. While cardiovascular disease is largely preventable, it tops the disease burden list and this situation is expected to worsen according to recent projections showing that by 2035.”

Let’s explore how to not only prevent heart disease but how to enhance your cardiovascular function for more stamina, energy, and enthusiasm for a longer, healthier life. 

How does Arterosil prevent heart disease?

You’ve probably heard about the indispensable value of a good diet and lots of exercise for improving heart health and staving off heart disease. The benefits that optimal diet and physical exertion supply are well-documented. 

Sometimes, though, patients require additional interventions to get their heart function where they want it. In many cases, supplementation makes sense. According to WebMD, “Research shows that some [supplements] may help lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, and other things that put you at risk for heart disease.”

Here are the heart-related benefits that Arterosil delivers:

  • Fosters better blood circulation. Superior blood circulation means better, more efficient delivery of vital nutrients and oxygens to the cells that need them. According to the Cleveland Clinic, individuals over 40, especially those who are overweight or obese, are at greatest risk of poor blood circulation.  
  • Maintains blood pressure in the optimal range. Blood pressure is a critical health marker because “High blood pressure raises the risk of having a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, or kidney disease.” If you have high blood pressure, you need to take corrective action (through diet, exercise, and supplementation with Arterosil) that get it down to avoid such catastrophic cardiovascular events. 
  • Protects the integrity of the endothelium (artery walls’ protective barrier). The endothelium, made up of over a trillion endothelial cells, lines all your blood vessels. When it’s healthy, it releases substances that enhance healthy blood flow. When it’s damaged, as often occurs in COVID-19 patients, it causes arteries to narrow when they should expand. 
  • Helps men achieve and maintain erections. Many common ED medications like Cialis (tadalafil) and Viagra (sildenafil) actually work by increasing blood flow to the penis. Arterosil likewise aids men in achieving harder, stronger, longer erections by the same mechanism.

Below we’ll get into greater detail about what ingredients Arterosil contains and how, specifically, they confer the above-described benefits. 

What proprietary ingredients does Arterosil contain and how do they enhance heart health? 

 The main active constituent of Arterosil is a type of compound called specialized sulfated polysaccharides (SSP), extracts from seaweed with proven and powerful therapeutic properties. 

Via research published in the biotechnology-focused medical journal 3 Biotech, we have extensive evidence for SSPs to enhance cardiovascular health through multiple mechanisms:

“The complex polysaccharides from the brown, red and green seaweeds possess broad spectrum therapeutic properties. Especially, the sulfated polysaccharides, viz. fucans, carrageenans and ulvans have exhibited strong antioxidant, antitumor, immunostimulatory, anti-inflammatory, pulmonary fibrosis anticoagulant/antithrombotic, lipid lowering, antiviral, antibacterial, antiprotozoan, hyperplasia prevention, gastrointestinal, regenerative and nano medicine applications.”

The SSPs contained in Arterosil reduce oxidative stress, tamp down chronic inflammation that drives disease, act as an anticoagulant (anti-blood-clotting) agent, and drive cholesterol levels down. 

SSPs act as GRCs [glycocalyx regenerating compounds]. They regenerate and protect the endothelial glycocalyx (EG), composed of the polysaccharide-proteoglycan matrix, which is critical because research shows thatshedding of the EG plays a central role in many critical illnesses. Degradation of the EG is associated with increased morbidity and mortality.”

Writing in the publication Today’s Geriatric Medicine, Dr. Joel Kahn, MD explains the therapeutic benefit of GRCs:

“Based on the growing body of data supporting the cardiovascular benefits of these GRCs [glycocalyx regenerating compounds] and the fact that Arterosil is a natural product, we recommend it to patients in my practice as part of an integrative approach to enhancing their cardiac longevity. Combined with a diet rich in arginine, citrulline, and dietary nitrates; a healthy lifestyle that provides adequate sleep and exercise; and periodic ADMA or EndoPAT testing, physicians now have tangible ways to help patients achieve or maintain good EG and vascular endothelial health, which will help reduce their risk of future adverse cardiac events.”

Other vitamin deficiencies may also trigger or worsen heart disease, so it’s important to keep your overall nutritional strategy in mind to lower your risk of heart issues: “Deficiency of some vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, folic acid, C, D, and E has been shown to be associated with cardiovascular abnormalities.”

(Take a look at the other supplemental products in our LowTE Store to source these other heart-protective vitamins.)

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