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Lifestyle Magazine – Who’s Who in Healthcare

Carolyn talks about LowTE Florida®, what sets her company apart from others and how she has become #1 provider of bio-identical hormones in Florida, meaning she treats more men and women with the BioTE method than anyone else!

"Carolyn Zaumeyer featured in Lifestyle April 2020 PTSD"

“Pellets for PTSD” LAS OLAS and 9 other Cities …

Carolyn Zaumeyer shares how bio-identical hormone therapy utilizing the pellet system can help those suffering from PTSD ween off prescription medications, while alleviating most if not all symptoms.

"LowTE - Voyage MIA Magazine"

Voyage MIA Magazine

Carolyn shares her journey to becoming the #1 provider of bio-identical hormones in Florida, meaning she treats more men and women with the BioTE method than anyone else!

"LowTE - City & Shore - Well Being"

City & Shore Magazine

The new year is a time for positive changes. City & Shore shares ideas for looking better and feeling better in 2020, including Carolyn Zaumeyer and her bio-identical hormone replacement.

"LowTE - Thrive Global - My top 3 lifestyle tweaks"

Thrive Global

Carolyn Zaumeyer shares her top lifestyle tweaks, such as eliminating carbs and sugars, that can help people’s journey towards a better well-being.

"LowTE - Authority Magazine - women in wellness"

Authority Magazine

Featured as a Woman in Wellness, Carolyn Zaumeyer shares her insight on how small tweaks to lifestyle can make a big difference in a person’s overall well-being.

"LowTE - Idea Mensch - Carolyn Zaumeyer"

Idea Mensch

Carolyn Zaumeyer shares how her 28+ years prescribing hormone therapy led her to study under Dr. Gary Donovitz and then eventually open LowTE Florida.

"LowTE Florida - Bloomberg Law"

Bloomberg Law

As the first Nurse Practitioner in Florida to open her own practice, Carolyn Zaumeyer shares her thoughts on the business landscape for other Nurse Practitioners.

"LowTE Simply The Best - Who's Who In Health & Beauty"

Simply The Best Magazine

Carolyn Zaumeyer is featured as a Who’s Who in Health & Beauty for her expertise in hormone therapy and shares her extensive background and studies.

"LowTE - Lifestyle Magazine - Put a Little Spring in Your Step"

Lifestyle Magazine

Carolyn Zaumeyer is a regular expert who shares how a lack of spring in your step could be a result of a natural decline in hormone levels that can leave you feeling tired and blue.

Carolyn Zaumeyer Featured in Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber Magazine

Carolyn Zaumeyer shares her article – “Are You Hormone Curious” in the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce Magazine.

Carolyn Zaumeyer, MSN, ARNP, President LowTE Florida –
Receives the Women Rock the WEB Award


LowTE Florida Podcast

Carolyn Zaumeyer sits down with Dr. Gary Donovitz, founder of BioTE Medical to discuss how bio-identical hormones can help men and women feel 10-15 years younger.

The Faith Washington Show

Carolyn Zaumeyer shares how she learned how to correctly prescribe hormones with the right medication, right dose, and the right delivery system – to help men and women feel better.

Women Empower Expo

Carolyn Zaumeyer is interviewed by Dr. Shelly Plumb and discusses how bio-identical hormones can help you feel better, lose weight, feel like yourself again, and give your life back.

Forever Health with Suzanne Somers

Carolyn Zaumeyer discusses how optimized hormones can help women enjoy sex after 50. With the pellet system, it can bring you back in as little as 3-4 days.

Carolyn Zaumeyer & Dr. Gary Donovitz

Carolyn Zaumeyer discusses how bio-identical hormones can help with moodiness, no interest in exercise and low libido, helping both men and women feel like their real self.

iHeart Radio – 610 WiOD

They share how LowTE Florida can help men and women have a better quality of life by using bio-identical hormones which is safe, easy, effective and affordable.

Carolyn Zaumeyer NP on Hormone Optimization

Carolyn discusses how balancing hormones through the safe & natural pellet system can help improve mood, help weight loss, correct sleep issues, boost sex drive, and help you feel 10-15 years younger!

Carolyn Zaumeyer on Hair Loss

As time goes by, we notice our hair is thinning – we don’t like it, we don’t want it, what can we do? Hormone balancing and optimizing your thyroid could be the answer!


Carolyn Zaumeyer & Suzanne Somers

"Carolyn Zaumeyer with Doctor OZ Local 10 News"

Dr. Oz & Carolyn Zaumeyer

"Carolyn Zaumeyer Local 10 News"

Carolyn Zaumeyer & Kristi Krueger