BioTE® A*D*K 10

BioTE® A*D*K 10


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Biote ADK 10 (90 Capsule Bottle)

BioTE’s specific and unique combination of vitamins A, D, and K increases bone structure, density, and integrity. It also aids in proper bone remodeling, calcium utilization, and cardiovascular function* – 90 tablets size. 10,000iu.

Quantity: 90 Capsules – 10,000iu.

Why Vitamins A, D & K together? When taken together, they work synergistically to help build bone, improve your arterial health and your teeth. Over 90 percent of my patients are deficient in Vitamin D3.

Vitamin A:

  • Bone growth and development
  • Immune system support
  • Vision health
  • Arterial health

Vitamin D3:

  • Health bones and teeth
  • Kills many cancer cells
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Supports cardiovascular health


  • Regulates normal blood clotting
  • Helps prevent diabetes and liver cancer
  • Supports strong bones and teeth
  • Reduces heart disease

Vitamin D3 alone does not benefit your bones and heart – you need all three working together for the maximum benefit.

Directions: Take one capsule daily.

Gluten Free

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