Here are some of the latest videos and audio interviews with Carolyn Zaumeyer about Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Dr. DeSilva interview

Dr. Donovitz interview

Carolyn Zaumeyer on the Faith Washington Show Summer 2018

AMP2TV Live with Carolyn Zaumeyer – Living Longer, Living Better

Part One – The Golf and Travel Show

Part Two the Golf and Travel Show

Carolyn Zaumeyer of LowTE Florida® is interviewed by David Cogan of Eliances Heroes Show on Money Radio. She talks about her Bioidentical Hormone system and how men and women can benefit from using it. (Pictured with Dr. Oz)

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Love Life Again…  Great job. Thank you for helping women to be able to love life again. From one who knows.  God bless you my friend.

D.P. Fort Lauderdale

Thanks for putting me on the Right Track! I still am skinny. Thanks for putting me on the right track, Carolyn Zaumeyer!

Cheryl Freniere, Fort Lauderdale

Carolyn is such a warm, caring person – Carolyn Zaumeyer, NP has helped me with hormone imbalance and she’s such a warm, caring person that makes you feel like your discussing your issues with a close girlfriend….but a girlfriend that can actually DO something about your issues! Love her!

Dawn Morf

Worth the Drive – Carolyn is awesome. I have been on pellets with her for 5 years and I will never stop! My wife too!Definitely worth the drive from Orlando!!

Jeff Hill, Orlando

I just want you to know how awesome I feel. My body has transformed within the past 3 weeks. Even my mental skills are getting sharper. I am starting to come up with awesome ideas again. An ability I always had but forgot about! My husband is making an appointment with you. He sees the change in me. He wants to be able to keep up! He has been doing testosterone Cypionate and HGH. He was not aware the cypionate is synthetic. Thanks for everything!!! I will be back with bells on for my next insertion…

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