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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is designed to combat low testosterone, especially in men over 30. It’s also known as natural hormone therapy because it uses real, bioidentical testosterone, not some synthesized product. The process offers myriad benefits for men suffering from decreasing testosterone.

The Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Men

BHRT for men can alleviate symptoms such as decreased energy, lack of sex drive, irritability and declining physical health. In some cases, the symptoms of low testosterone can mirror the effects of depression. Men typically seek out treatment to increase motivation, libido and muscle mass. Beyond those benefits, patients experience better sleep, improved focus and clearer, healthier skin. Increased libido and sexual performance. The change in quality of life for men using BHRT is night and day.

How Hormone Therapy Works

The BHRT process can work in any number of ways. To find the best BHRT in Fort Lauderdale, experts recommend using testosterone pellets. Testosterone pellets are administered to provide longer-lasting increases in hormone levels compared to other methods.

Less advanced types of hormone replacement therapy for men may use shots, pills, creams or gels. These methods can create undesired hormonal fluctuations for the patient. Hormone pellet therapy for men is far more effective than these other methods. The implanted pellet, which is only the size of a grain of rice, will release a consistent dose of the desired hormone. The patient receives a stable increase in testosterone for four to six months.

Is Hormone Therapy Right for Me?

BHRT is best for males who are experiencing the negative effects of aging mentioned above. Simply put, for men who want to feel better again. Just because you’re out of your 20s doesn’t mean you can’t feel good anymore! The best part about natural hormone therapy is that it replaces the testosterone your body used to produce naturally. This means you don’t have to experience the negative side effects and expose yourself to the risks of using synthetic testosterone.

Hormone Therapy at LowTE Florida

LowTE Florida® offers the best solution for BHRT in Fort Lauderdale. Our staff is caring and knowledgeable, so you will be completely at ease and in good hands from start to finish. We only hire the best professionals and we rely on decades of research. This means you can rest assured we’re successfully using the most innovative practices in the industry today. Our cutting-edge testosterone pellet therapy for men is the best in the business.

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